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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sony Ericsson Launches 8.1-megapixel Camera Phone

Face detection, red-eye reduction, smart contrast sensors, and Best Pic options that let you take several successive pictures and save only the best ones. The long and anticipated release of the Sony Ericsson 8.1-megapixel Camera Phone is finally available to consumers. View more details and photos

This camera phone packs a little more punch than low-end cameras found on most phones these days. Available through AT&T. This Sony Ericsson can be in your hands for $400 smackers! Despite the price this cutting edge piece of technology is already selling like hot cakes! Comparible to its competition the Apple iPone touch. The snazzy new image sensor is a feature set for snapping photos on the go: Like the previous Cyber-shots, the C905a has a slider phone form factor with dedicated camera keys on the body of the unit ensuring you don't miss choice photo ops because you're muddling around in menus. View more details and photos